The importance of aluminum alloy forging in production

    Aluminum alloy forging is one of the main processing methods to provide mechanical parts blank in machinery manufacturing industry. Forging can not only get the shape of mechanical parts, but also improve the internal structure of metal, and improve the mechanical and physical properties of metals. Generally, most important mechanical parts with large force and high demand are made by forging production. Forged production, such as turbine generator shaft, rotor, impeller, blade, retaining ring, large hydraulic press column, high pressure cylinder, rolling mill roll, internal combustion engine crankshaft, connecting rod, gear, bearing, and national defense industry artillery and other important parts. Therefore, forging production is widely used in metallurgical, mining, automobiles, tractors, harvesting machinery, oil, chemical, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industrial sectors. In the daily life, forging production also has an important position.

    In a sense, the annual output of the forgings, the proportion of the forgings in the total output of the forgings, the size and the possession of the forging equipment, reflect the industrial level of a country to a certain extent.

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