Development status of aluminum alloy processing equipment

    Aluminum profile has not been popularized in the vast rural areas of China. However, the aluminum alloy processing equipment enterprises are close to saturation in the second line city. With the continuous promotion and breakthrough of the products in the aluminum profile market, the continuous development of aluminum alloy processing equipment enterprises, the development of new market in the aluminum profile industry is very necessary, China's three or four level The market has become the focus of attention of enterprises. Home going to the countryside has become a hot topic. Enterprises are taking actions to enter the rural market. Under such circumstances, enterprises must first understand the characteristics of the three or four tier market, so that they can do well in the three or four level market, otherwise all actions are blind.

    Developing the market is not a job overnight. There will be no immediate results, so we must make good preparations for positional warfare. As a decision maker, it is necessary to make long-term development planning and stage goals, step by step, to develop new market and to consolidate the existing market share and improve the utilization of the market.

    Moreover, in the three or four level area, the aluminum profile market has not been fully developed, and the market share is mainly occupied by the regional brand aluminum profiles. Even some marginal towns, aluminum alloy processing equipment enterprises have never been involved in the market, and the utilization rate of the brand aluminum profile is zero. Although the three or four tier market has low economic level and relatively low consumption capacity and low purchasing power, its market capacity is huge and has great market potential. At the same time, the industry market operation standard is not bigger than the big city, the cost of aluminum profile is far lower than the first line market. The more important three or four tier areas are less affected by the national macro-control policies and the financial crisis, and the vested interests are relatively stable. Four tier market, aluminum profile competition is very complex, and regional aluminum processing equipment enterprises are building up their own businesses. The brand of aluminum to enter the market, we need to clearly understand the situation, adjust the product sales strategy, make a long-term battle ready. This can not only fully develop the brand personality of the sub brand closer to the three or four level market, but also avoid the damage of the original brand, and together form the strong joint force of the enterprise brand.

    First and second line aluminum alloy processing equipment enterprise brand positioning in the middle and high end, product development in the rural market on the brand face two key problems: first, worry will bring damage to the brand image of the middle and high, hard to please: first, after the end of the relevant policy, whether the three or four market should be withdrawn. Once the decision is made to participate in the competition in the rural market, a considerable amount of material and financial resources will be put into the market, which is undoubtedly a huge waste and a serious mistake if the market is abruptly withdrawn after the end of the policy. The aluminum alloy processing equipment enterprises should design the brand structure rationally, launch the sub brand facing the three or four tier market, and form the brand structure of the endorsement brand.

    In short, the brand aluminum profile should enter the three or four level market, and we must combine the characteristics of our brand to enhance the regional characteristics of products. The marketing model of the second line market can not be mechanically moved. It can not drive the market with the superiority of the high brand, and strengthen the connection with the local market, and avoid the product strategy from the market.

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