Classification and characteristics of aluminum alloy forging wheel hub

    The classification and characteristics of aluminum alloy forging wheel hubs, also known as wheel hubs, are mainly divided into different types of materials and manufacturing processes. In terms of manufacturing process, the forging of quick focus aluminum alloy is usually divided into two types:

    One, casting wheel hub, its production process in simple terms, is the metal solution into the hub of mold and molding, the characteristics of this kind of wheel hub for: modelling diversity, low manufacturing cost, the price is relatively cheap, but low rigidity and weight is its weakness, if there is no special requirements for lightweight and wheel rigidity, enough to meet the needs of daily use;

    Second, forging hub, its production technology is the use of a whole piece of material after high pressure punching a integrated, its characteristic is relatively casting wheel has a higher strength and better rigidity, and lighter weight, often get some customers have high requirements on performance, of course the price will also be increased with the increase of quality, forging, aluminum alloy forging hub of deficiency is due to the manufacturing process, can make the style of there no casting wheel hub which is relatively abundant.

    Speed can be represented all the aluminium alloy forging from material to distinguish probably can be divided into aluminum alloy, titanium alloy or other metal materials and carbon fiber materials, the optimization of material constant is in order to create a lighter weight, higher strength of the wheel. After a brief introduction, I believe you have already had some understanding of the role of the modified wheel hub and how to choose a suitable wheel hub.

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