If the automobile circuit system is lack of maintenance the consequence is very serious

    Is now a high-tech era, the development of the auto update faster, many manufacturers in order to better fusion and high-tech era, now in the car configuration will configure some electronic products, such as car navigation, load the sound, and even car TV and so on all have a wire to work.

    Car owners are more concerned with the appearance of the car, such as whether the car paint, scratch, regular car cleaning and so on. The inspection of the electric route of cars is relatively weak. In the summer, auto spontaneous combustion often occurs. Today, the weather has turned cold slowly, even in the morning and it follows that there may be rain, dew speed can chat with you ignore all the aluminium alloy forging check car wire aging serious consequences.

    When the car passes a long time, the aging of the electric route is not rare, just the degree of aging is what we need to rely on daily maintenance and inspection. Sometimes the owner will encounter a rainy day, find the engine is not easy to start or weak problems, when you encounter this problem, you should not panic, in fact, this is the ignition system due to the leakage of electricity from the supermarket. Small make up remind, if you have the above situation, need to wait for vehicle cooling after a period of time after complete extinction with dry towel to dry electric plate and wire inside and outside, and then go to a repair shop. If it is due to aging leakage, it must be replaced in time. Automobile circuit system maintenance is one of the core content of automobile maintenance, especially for the use of vehicles more than three years, a year to a garage for a complete car circuit system maintenance is critical. Generally, if the automobile's oil road and circuit failure, the engine will increase the amount of fuel injection when working, and the natural fuel consumption will also increase.

    Speed to the aluminum alloy forging warm reminder: in fact, a lot of 4 s shops and general repair shops have special engine oil such as circuit maintenance packages, can maintain the proposal also should do regularly, but be sure to choose a regular car repair shop, in terms of quality can be guaranteed.

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