Three important points to note when replacing vehicle oil

    Automobile engine oil is the lifeblood of the engine. It is a component that can cool and lubricate the engine. Now, more and more car owners realize the importance of oil, but little is known about the correct use of oil.

    1. When should I change the oil

    It is often said that cars should be changed regularly. But how often is it regular? Basically, every car manual is clearly written. The standard used to be 5, 000 kilometers, but in recent years carmakers have been developing research to improve the engine's construction and extend the time required for regular maintenance and oil changes. As a result, many new cars, under normal driving conditions, can be replaced almost every 10,000 kilometers with synthetic engine oil, and some can even be towed 20,000 kilometers. "General driving" refers to driving frequently on highways and rarely stopping for a walk. But if you drive in the city, where there are traffic lights, always traffic jam, and most every trip distance and no more than a dozen kilometers, the driving method belongs to the "loss of sex drive".

    In the case of "consumptive driving", engine wear is relatively large and the requirement for oil is relatively high. Therefore, it is recommended to shorten the interval time between oil changes in order to effectively protect the engine.

    Tip: normally, it is difficult to through the naked eye or touch oil to determine whether the changed, but after using for a long time, the oil will accumulate a large number of impurities, if not timely replacement of the new oil, these impurities for a long time will wear the engine and shorten the life of the car.

    2. How to choose oil

    Choose good oil to make your car more durable and dynamic. Good engine oil, especially synthetic engine oil, can protect the engine and reduce the number of oil changes. As a result, it costs twice as much as regular oil and is the best choice for many car owners.

    Brief analysis on four elements of attention to oil of choose and buy machine

    Generally speaking, the following four factors should be noted in choosing automobile engine oil:

    A, select the oil shall be carried out according to the requirement of the engine choice, neither necessary to get lower engine to use too advanced engine oil, can lower the oil used in engine on high demand.

    B. Multi-stage oil should be selected as far as possible. Due to saving, long life and high efficiency, multi-stage oil has a good protection effect on the engine. Based on the characteristics of multi-stage oil, early blackening and low oil pressure may occur in the process of using the oil, all of which are normal.

    C. the quality of some domestic famous brand oil is quite good, and the price is much lower than that of imported similar products.

    D. If the engine is in good condition and the seasonal temperature is low, the engine oil with low viscosity should be used as far as possible to make the oil passage unimpeded. If the high temperature season or severe engine wear, the use of high viscosity oil is conducive to the formation of oil film, reduce engine wear.

    Tip: there are hundreds of oil brands on the market. Choose the oil with a better grade.

    3. The amount of oil should be slightly lower than the scale on the oil ruler

    You know, oil is really important for engine movement, because it has two functions: lubrication and heat dissipation. Therefore, at any time, the engine must not be short of oil. But overloading (beyond the upper limit of the ruler) is bad. Too much oil, will increase the crankshaft rotational resistance, reduce the output power of engine, and the excess oil into the combustion chamber in burning, blue smoke coming vehicles burning oil, and that fuel consumption increase. After oil combustion residues (its main component is carbon, very hard) will accumulate in the combustion chamber wall, reduce the combustion space, thus reducing engine compression ratio, at the same time, will also accelerate the wear of cylinder and piston so as to reduce the service life of the vehicle.

    When adding lubricating oil, it is advisable to keep the scale slightly lower than that on the oil gauge. The forging of quick focus aluminum alloy also reminds us to master the oil model, season, climate, engine displacement, technical performance and other factors. Therefore, it is better to choose a professional car maintenance center, after careful judgment of the car, the choice of applicable engine oil, and careful operation in the maintenance process to prevent hidden trouble. General automobile maintenance maintenance center, of course, the oil will not add (cost control), but if it is your own to oil, automobile maintenance center won't be too care about, then you should pay attention to don't add lubricating oil.

    Tip: it is a mistake to add more oil. If you find the oil has been added, you'd better entrust the car maintenance center to release it.

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