What is the processing technology of aluminium alloy?

    Jiangmen jiaozhong machinery co., LTD., founded in August, 2005, covers an area of 100 mu, and is a professional aluminum alloy forging manufacturing enterprise integrating r&d, manufacturing, sales and service. Speed of the aluminum alloy forging to introduce how the aluminum alloy is processed.

    1. Sandblasting is also called peening.

    The process of cleaning and roughing metal surface with the impact of high velocity sand flow. The aluminum surface treatment of this method can make the surface of the workpiece for cleanliness and different roughness, make the workpiece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface, thus improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increased its adhesion between the coating and, extend the durability of the coating, but also to the flow of paint and decoration. The aluminum alloy process is often seen in apple's various products, as well as more and more of the existing TV shell or medium frame.

    2. The polishing

    By means of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical methods, the surface roughness of automobile aluminum parts is reduced to obtain a bright and flat surface machining method. The polishing process is mainly divided into mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing. The automobile aluminum parts adopt mechanical polishing and electrolytic polishing to approach the mirror effect of stainless steel, giving people a sense of high-end simplicity and fashion future.

    3. The drawing

    Metal wire drawing is the process of using sand paper to scrape out the aluminum sheet. Wire drawing can be divided into straight lines, tangled threads, spirals and threads. Metal processing WeChat, good content, worthy of attention. The metal drawing process can clearly show every fine thread, so that the metal matte can be made of fine hair luster, and the products have both fashionable and technological sense.

    4. High light cutting

    Using the precision carving machine, the diamond knife is used to strengthen the cutting parts on the main shaft of the high speed rotating (general rotating speed of 20000 RPM), and the local highlight area is generated on the surface of the product. The brightness of the cutting highlights is affected by the speed of the milling bit. The higher the speed of the bit is, the brighter the higher light is, and vice versa. Metal processing WeChat, good content, worthy of attention. Specular highlights in the use of mobile phone special cutting, such as the iphone 5, in recent years, some high-end TV highlights the milling process metal frame was adopted, and anodic oxidation and drawing technology makes the TV as a whole is full of sharp sense of fashion sense and science and technology.

    5. Anodic oxidation

    Anodic oxidation is refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metal or alloy, aluminium and its alloys in the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, because under the action of impressed current, in a layer of oxide film is formed on the aluminium (anode) process. Speed to the aluminum alloy forging said anodic oxidation can not only solve the aluminum surface hardness, wear resistance, etc, can prolong the service life of aluminum and increase more beautiful degree, has become an indispensable part of aluminum surface treatment, is currently the most widely used and very successful process.

    6. Double color anodizing.

    Double - color anodizing is the process of anodizing a product and giving it a different color. The dual color anodizing due to the complex process and high cost; But through the contrast between the two colors, more can reflect the product's high end, unique appearance.

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