Two technical problems in the production of aluminum forgings

    The production technology of aluminum forging is very strict. The metal crystal in the aluminum forging is more fine, the cutting structure is more compact, and the forging will not damage the metal fiber of its raw material during processing and can make the metal line more smooth. Now let's understand two major technical problems that should be paid attention to in the production process of aluminum forgings.

    1、 Relevant technical requirements for aluminum forging materials.

    There are also relevant requirements for the material of aluminum forgings. Steel billets can not be forged as forgings. The forging ratio of parts with different shapes shall be ensured. It is not allowed to use the round steel forging with similar dimensions. During the forging process, there are strict requirements for temperature, forging frequency and pressure. The appearance of forgings should be neat and even, and there should be no problems such as lamination and fracture.

    2、 Technical requirements for deformation speed of aluminum forgings.

    How to improve the deformation speed in the production of ring aluminum forgings. Because of the significant temperature effect, the metal temperature will increase, thus reducing the deformation resistance and increasing the plasticity. This effect is greater in cold deformation than in hot deformation. However, if the temperature rise just enters the hot brittle zone, the plasticity of the metal will become worse. Increase the deformation speed. Due to the existence of work hardening and insufficient time for recrystallization, it is difficult to further deform the metal, i.e. the increase of deformation resistance and the decrease of plasticity. This phenomenon is especially prominent in high alloy steel.

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